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Is nationwide US state coverage guaranteed?

No. It is not.

We work with quite a few solution providers. Some have a few licenses, some have key licenses (like New York, California, Texas, etc.) and some have licenses in all 50 States. In many instances, we have a few providers who work together and pool in their licenses to make a single offering through their Program Manager. Either way, each party will carefully review your application and then provide their answer if they want to work with you or not. Many-a-times, the opportunity is too small (because the customer is a start-up), and often we are asked if the client has a decent understanding of the business (domain knowledge, subject-matter). If we give a medium to a low score, many solution providers decide against working with you, because of the fact, that from a time invested point-of-view, it might not be worthwhile for them to continue with you. So, nationwide is not guaranteed. Before you get to sign a contract, your sales associate will let you know how many states (in reality) would be covered.

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