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Would the PLH be entitled to any revenue for intra-Africa (with no tie up agreements necessary) with or without the usage of the SP’s platform?

When you do an INTRA-Africa transaction, which is NOT originating from the US, then the PLH has no say in the matter. They are not a party to the transaction and their platform is NOT configured or aligned to do Intra-Africa transactions. So ideally, I would like to respond to this question as “Not Applicable”.

However, if a transaction is originating from the United States to say Nigeria and the hub designate is Ghana (where the Tri-Party Correspondent Tie-Up Agreement has been signed with a licensed MTO), and the payout is being done to Nigeria then this is a perfectly legal transaction and the system (platform) simply sees this as a US-to-Nigeria transaction. 

As cited above. The platform cannot be used independently of the original purpose for which it was created.

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